What You Need to Know to Avoid Blackmail

What You Need to Know to Avoid Blackmail

Before discussing how the victim of blackmail on the Internet can get rid of this situation, it is necessary to define the crime of blackmail.

blackmail crime

It appears as a special aspect of the threat crime and can be committed as follows:

a. By betting that he will or will not do something that he is entitled or obliged to; By forcing someone to do or not do something that is unlawful or for which they are not obliged. The crime of blackmail can be committed in the form of coercion to provide unfair advantage.
b. The crime of blackmail can be committed with the threat that matters that will harm the honor or dignity of a person will be disclosed or imputed.

As can be seen, blackmail crime is an optional mobile crime. The perpetrator can commit the criminal act in different ways. In order to determine the ways to get rid of the blackmail crime, it is first necessary to determine what type of blackmail the victim of blackmail is exposed to. The crime of blackmail can be committed verbally by calling the person or by contacting the person, or it can be committed in writing by using any communication tool. It can also be processed through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, especially in social media. The crime of blackmail is among the crimes we frequently encounter in daily life.

To Avoid Threats and Blackmail

The first thing the victim has to do in order to stop the blackmail is to not make any concessions to the blackmail. If the blackmailer’s request is fulfilled even for once, it can be said that the blackmail will continue and will continue. Therefore, blackmail victims should be careful about this issue. Another important issue is that the act considered within the scope of blackmail can be proved with the help of the act.

What You Need to Know to Avoid Blackmail

Victims of video blackmail crime are old or middle-aged men, unlike young women, which is generally believed lately. The fact that people are married is also a data abused by blackmailers. However, there may be victims who have a certain level of awareness, as well as those who are completely unconscious and unfamiliar with internet technologies, who agree to send money to blackmailers or maintain mutual insulting communication. Those who send money to blackmailers may face an endless economic exploitation, while those who do not receive professional support or communicate with blackmailers at the level of mutual insults and threats will be left alone with the spread of a private image that can only be recovered in a long time.

In the event that the person committing the blackmail crime publishes the visual, video and similar materials that are the subject of the crime on the internet, a legal application should be made immediately to remove this content. Since the content requested to be removed will also be the subject of a criminal case, legal assistance should be sought from a lawyer experienced in cyber crimes and punishment. In case of blackmail over the internet, the lawyer should work and work in a multi-faceted manner in the areas of blackmail consultancy, tracking of personal and confidential content, prevention of dissemination, removal if any, litigation and legal process follow-up.

Advice for Victims of Video Blackmail

The lawyer who undertakes your legal consultancy should be in a quality to keep all kinds of information of the client confidential within the framework of confidentiality obligation and ethical rules, not to share it with third parties other than judicial authorities, and to keep all kinds of information about his client confidential, keeping the client confidentiality at the forefront.

In committing the crime of blackmail over the internet, a visual file or video that the person shares with his/her consent may be the subject of blackmail later. With the messages sent one after another, the crime can be committed in a chain way. In these cases, there is a legal advantage for the victim of blackmail crime to file a complaint with legal support and initiate criminal proceedings.

What to Do in Video Blackmail

Such blackmail crimes can be basically divided into two categories. The first of these is blackmailing the other person who makes the mistake of sending photos and videos over the internet and social networks to the person he has just met. Not everything is as it seems on the internet, lies and cheats are common. Therefore, it is extremely risky to share private information or information only with people you meet online and not in real life. The second category of victims is blackmailing some private images they shared in the past and then broke up with. Even if the relationship ends, the party that does not leave or has a crisis blackmails the other party with pictures, photographs, private videos.

In both video racketeering charges, Whatsapp, the singer threatens to send private images of the victim to others or post them on the Internet, and asks the victim to do what she wants. In some cases this will force the demand relationship, in other cases it is a demand for money. If the blackmail crime is committed within the country, the legal path to be followed is different. International legal action is also required if there is a blackmail crime abroad.

In blackmails made over Whatsapp, money is demanded especially through Western Union UPT.
Blackmail offenders tend to collect the blackmail money through these alternative transfer systems, not bank accounts, to avoid disclosure.

If the victim deposits money, they will be asked for money again on the same day or within a few days. Sending money is never the solution to these crimes. Investing money on the contrary will result in further blackmailing the victim. Therefore, you can contact us about this.


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What Should Video Blackmail Victims Do?

The blackmail victim is under extreme psychological pressure in this process, the blackmailers persistently take advantage of this weakness and demand money hastily.
It is seen that the victims of panic psychology usually send money many times, but the demand for money is not interrupted. Blackmailers repeatedly trick people into saying that the footage will be deleted. Even if they take legal action, they defraud the victim with false claims that they will get results.
Since it is not possible to get rid of this situation by constantly sending money in video blackmail crimes, the only solution will be to get legal support. With the initiation of the legal process, it is possible to prevent the sharing of images.


What to Do Not to Be a Victim

Update the privacy settings on your social network accounts so that only people you know can view your account.
Do not add sensitive, private or confidential information to your profiles.
If you use online dating sites, choose sites where you can view possible dates, using a service that hides the real email addresses of both parties.
Create a separate email account on dating sites that doesn’t use your real name.
Block offensive and fraudulent users from further contacting you and report them using the abuse button.
If you become a victim of this type of scam, do not respond to the blackmailer’s requests, report the matter to the police and the relevant social networking site and file a complaint.
If you have made an unfair payment as a result of such blackmail by anyone, contact your bank, law enforcement and other authorities immediately.

Someone Has My Images

We can delete your pictures and all that annoying data in a short time. If you wish, you can contact us and get support from our expert team. Blackmailers’ biggest asset is “fears and your worries about the consequences”. Once you give money, it always comes back.

With the rapid development of technology and smart devices, you must take precautions against cyber threats, which are the order of the day. The blackmailers try every way to get information from the tools of the virtual world, media and social media are not only open to fast communication, but also to the most insecure communication.

Blackmail organizations suddenly record a private image of their victim from video chat programs such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and then use this image as a blackmail tool.


Video Blackmail from Abroad

Blackmail abroad or blackmail from abroad is the situation where people outside of Turkey commit the blackmail crime. In other words, it is the perpetrator in a foreign country committing a crime against the victim in Turkey. The crime of blackmail from a foreign country is usually committed over the internet or through video call recording. One of the most common versions of blackmail is the crime of video blackmail, committed by or through one or more people. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in cyber crimes with the increase in the use of the internet and smart phones. The fact that people can communicate with each other without physically talking to each other over many applications allows this cyber blackmail crime to be committed against people from different parts of the world.

The origin of blackmailing gangs from abroad is generally known as Morocco (Morocco) and Bulgaria.

Blackmail Through Morocco

Moroccan gangs often post a playback video that traps the person. Those who do this are usually young children between the ages of 15 and 20 led by the gang. They try to communicate with men in different ways and get their information. They can start blackmailing the victim with $100 and increase that amount up to $10. The places they are usually active are Tinder, Linkedin and similar social media dating sites.
The way blackmailers share pictures is by opening a fake account on the person’s name and sharing videos on these accounts, following the victim’s friends and allowing them to watch the video.

Blackmail Via Bulgaria

Their working system is in the form of opening fake profiles on Facebook, Imo, Siberalem and similar marriage sites, trying to trap people and inviting them to video chat programs such as Skype. In these apps, they ask the other person to undress by posting their own video. When the blackmail at the end of the friend lists on their social media accounts begins, the person has already been duped.



Confidentiality is one of the most important ethical principles of the legal profession, and our law firm; It applies the principle of confidentiality and secrecy, which is determined by the Law No. 1136, with great care and sensitivity. However, our office keeps the information, documents and data of the clients confidential within the scope of confidentiality and data responsibility, and does not share them with third parties and institutions in any way or under any circumstances. In this context, our office has adopted the principle in writing that the obligation to keep confidentiality regarding case files will be complied with.

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