Video Blackmail with Video Conversation

Video Blackmail with Video Conversation

With the uncontrolled development of communication technologies and the spread of the internet, it has developed like many crimes over the internet. As it is known, most blackmail crimes are committed on the internet through social networks on sites and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram. Blackmail, on the other hand, usually starts with the blackmail organizations obtaining the victim’s personal information without permission and threatens to disseminate this information and images on the internet in order to obtain financial benefit from the victim. In some cases, an unavoidable spread may also occur. This is proportional to the social status, economic status and knowledge of the victim.

Video Blackmail

With the widespread use of the internet following the development of communication technology, it is seen that many crimes are committed over the internet. We can say that in all these platforms that facilitate communication, committing crimes is also facilitated at the same rate. Most blackmail crimes are committed on the internet through social networks on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Usually, blackmail begins with the unauthorized obtaining of the victim’s personal information by the people who are close with the communication, and emerges with the threat of disseminating this information and images on the internet in order to obtain financial benefit from the victim. In some cases, pictures and videos shared by someone in virtual chat can then be used for blackmail. Blackmail can be done on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, by calling or texting through applications such as WhatsApp and Skype, and by using any other means of communication.

One of the most common problems on Instagram is blackmail. In other words, your private images are used by someone else to threaten you. Blackmail crimes carried out via Skype and Facebook are usually committed by criminal gangs experienced in this field.

Victims of Video Blackmail

Victims of video blackmail crime are old or middle-aged men, unlike young women, which is generally believed lately. The fact that people are married is also a data abused by blackmailers. However, there may be victims who have a certain level of awareness, as well as those who are completely unconscious and unfamiliar with internet technologies, who agree to send money to blackmailers or maintain mutual insulting communication. Those who send money to blackmailers may face an endless economic exploitation, while those who do not receive professional support or communicate with blackmailers at the level of mutual insults and threats will be left alone with the spread of a private image that can only be recovered in a long time.

Video Blackmail Crime Victim What to Do

Sending money to the blackmailer will never solve the problem. Because as it is known, criminals work as an organization, ask for money from people with personal and private data, and if you send money, they share the images on the internet instead of deleting them. It is not possible for you to be, since the images and data that can be copied indefinitely will not be spread. In addition, we see that the blackmailers’ money requests do not stop, and they continue at a rate close to one hundred percent.

The victim of blackmail should file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office as quickly as possible with the help of a specialist lawyer and the matters constituting the evidence. The fastest and strongest solution that can be followed in order to catch the perpetrator, to catch the blackmail before it is shared and spread, and not to repeat the blackmail is to apply to the judicial authorities.

Video Blackmail from Abroad

Blackmail abroad or blackmail from abroad is the situation where people outside of Turkey commit the blackmail crime. In other words, it is the perpetrator in a foreign country committing a crime against the victim in Turkey. The crime of blackmail from a foreign country is usually committed over the internet or through video call recording. One of the most common versions of blackmail is the crime of video blackmail, committed by or through one or more people. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in cyber crimes with the increase in the use of the internet and smart phones. The fact that people can communicate with each other without physically talking to each other over many applications allows this cyber blackmail crime to be committed against people from different parts of the world.

Blackmail Crime and Lawyer Support

Since it is your first and primary goal to prevent the sharing of private images, it will be the best solution to consult a lawyer experienced in blackmail as soon as possible.

Many social networking platforms that you want support from will also advise you to work with a lawyer. The lawyer you should prefer in blackmail crime should be someone who does not know you and your relatives and who is specialized in this type of cybercrime and you will not doubt that he will comply with the obligation of confidentiality and secrecy.

In the case of blackmail via the internet, the lawyer works and should work in a multi-faceted manner in blackmail consultancy, tracking of personal and confidential content, preventing its spread, removing if any, litigation and legal process follow-up.

What to Do in Video Blackmail

In the event that the person committing the blackmail crime publishes the visual, video and similar materials that are the subject of the crime on the internet, a legal application should be made immediately to remove this content. Since the content requested to be removed will also be the subject of a criminal case, legal assistance should be sought from a lawyer experienced in cyber crimes and punishment. In case of blackmail over the internet, the lawyer should work and work in a multi-faceted manner in the areas of blackmail consultancy, tracking of personal and confidential content, prevention of dissemination, removal if any, litigation and legal process follow-up.

Advice for Victims of Video Blackmail

The lawyer who undertakes your legal consultancy should keep the client’s confidentiality in the foreground, keep all kinds of information of the client confidential within the framework of confidentiality obligation and ethical rules, not share them with third parties other than judicial authorities, and keep all kinds of information about his client confidential.


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