Blackmail over Skype

Blackmail over Skype

The Skype blackmail crime is committed by recording the obscene images of the people trapped in the private image blackmailing trap on the Internet. It is a complex Internet blackmail crime that involves inviting a victim to video chat and then finally convincing them to undress. Thus, blackmail is made by constantly asking for money from the victim whose private images and videos are recorded. This type of crime, known as Skype blackmail, is also frequently seen in other platforms that provide video chat services.

Blackmail crime is a crime that can be committed with more than one action. Especially today, with the development of technology, blackmail crime has increased even more on the internet. Blackmail crimes can be committed in social media environments such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat. Many documents such as videos, recordings of messages, audio recordings are used as tools in blackmail. Blackmail crimes can be committed on online social media sites and websites. In addition, blackmail crimes are committed over phone calls.

Article 107 of the Turkish Penal Code regulates the crime of blackmail. According to the law, a person who compels a person to do or not to do something that is illegal or not obliged to do or not to do something that he is entitled or obliged to do, or to gain unfair advantage, is sentenced to imprisonment from one year to three years and a judicial fine up to five thousand days. .

Crimes committed with this type of video call recording are mainly committed in the form of blackmail from abroad. It should also be noted that the victim’s sending money to a foreign country does not necessarily mean that the blackmailer is in a foreign country. The blackmailer and the people who receive the blackmail money may not usually be the same. There may be people who help blackmailers collect commissions, and sometimes they cooperate with brokers abroad, even in Turkey, who committed this crime.


Skype Blackmail

Blackmail over Skype or skype blackmail is a part of blackmail types made with video recording made over the internet. In this type of crime, as in other types of video blackmail, video chat first follows the method of entrapment. The main platforms targeted by victims are Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin sites or applications. It has also been found that in some cases blackmailers make the first contact directly via Telegram. Whatever method the blackmailer communicates with the victim, the biggest common point is that the blackmailer uses a fake female profile.

In fact, Skype blackmail is the most common method in photo and video blackmail crimes. Just like the blackmail crime on Whatsapp and Telegram, there is a threat of sending or disseminating family-specific images through this application.

Intimate Video Blackmail over Skype

Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger programs are the most commonly used to commit the crime of private video blackmail over the Internet. Thanks to these programs, video and audio calls can be made. In our country, there are many victims of blackmail who are exposed to the threat of disclosure through photographs, videos and private correspondence obtained by gaining trust.

Today, Skype application is one of the communication applications that is still widely used among individuals. Of course, this leaves the door open to malicious uses.

Skype blackmailers threaten to send private images of the victim to others or post them on the Internet and ask the victim to do what they want. In some cases this will force the demand relationship, in other cases it is a demand for money. If the blackmail crime is committed within the country, the legal path to be followed is different. International legal action is also required if there is a blackmail crime abroad.

In blackmails made over Skype, money is demanded especially through Western Union UPT.
Blackmail offenders tend to collect the blackmail money through these alternative transfer systems, not bank accounts, to avoid disclosure.

If the victim makes the mistake of sending money, they will be asked for money again on the same day or within a few days. Sending money is never the solution to these crimes. Investing money on the contrary will result in further blackmailing the victim. Therefore, you can contact us for a real solution on this issue.

Advice for Victims of Skype Blackmail

Those who are victims of blackmail should not give in to blackmail. Giving in to blackmail and fulfilling the blackmailer’s wishes will never end blackmail acts. On the contrary, doing what the blackmailer says will motivate the blackmailer to blackmail more. Therefore, those who are exposed to blackmail via Skype should definitely seek legal and professional help. The answer to the question of what the blackmail victim should do is to get help to stop the blackmail acts. Victims of blackmail can apply to us to catch the blackmailer and to take action against sharing the images on the internet.

Sending money to the blackmailer is never the solution. Because those people also work as an organization, they ask for money from people with their personal and private data, and if you send money, they share the images on the internet instead of deleting them. You can never be sure that images and data that you do not have a copy of will not be spread. We see that in the events encountered, money requests do not stop one after the other, and they continue at a rate close to one hundred percent. Since it is your first and primary goal to prevent the sharing of private images, it will be the best solution to consult a lawyer experienced in blackmail as soon as possible.

In the event that the person who commits the blackmail crime publishes the visual, video and similar material that is the subject of the crime on the internet, a legal application should be made urgently to remove this content. Since the content that is requested to be removed will also be the subject of a criminal case, legal advice should be requested from a lawyer who has experience in cybercrime and punishment.

Support for Skype Blackmail Victims

It is necessary to collect all the evidence as soon as possible by contacting a lawyer who specializes in blackmail. Blackmail crimes committed on the Internet and social media are specific crimes that require expertise to solve. The legal and technical roadmap should be based on trust and confidentiality should be guaranteed.

Sending money to the blackmailer is never a solution. Since these people work in an organized manner, they request money from people with their data and privates, and if you send money, they will share more pictures on the Internet instead of deleting them. You can never be sure that images for which you do not have a copy of the data will not be published.

In the case of blackmail via the internet, the lawyer works and should work in a multi-faceted manner in blackmail consultancy, tracking of personal and confidential content, preventing its spread, removing if any, litigation and legal process follow-up.

The attorney, who undertakes your legal consultancy, will keep the client’s every information confidential within the framework of the confidentiality obligation and ethical rules, by prioritizing client confidentiality, and will not share it with third parties other than the judicial authorities and will prevent it from being shared.


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