Blackmail Crime Through Turkey  

Blackmail Crime Through Turkey

Blackmail is when a person tries to gain an advantage by threatening to harm another person or institution. The crime of blackmail is regulated in Article 107 of the Turkish Penal Code. According to this article, the person who commits blackmail is punished with imprisonment from 2 to 5 years.

Another type of blackmail crime is private image blackmail. Intimate image blackmail is when a person obtains images of another person’s private life, threatens to publish them or send them to others, and asks for money or other benefits. Intimate image blackmail constitutes both the crime of blackmail and the crime of violating the privacy of private life. The crime of violating the privacy of private life is regulated in Article 134 of the Turkish Penal Code. According to this article, a person who violates the privacy of private life is punished with imprisonment from 1 year to 3 years.

Intimate Image Blackmail

Intimate image blackmail has become an increasing problem with the widespread use of the internet and social media in recent years. This type of blackmail usually takes place in relationships established through dating sites, chat apps or video conferencing platforms. Blackmailers obtain these images by having them share candid images with their victims or by recording them without their knowledge. They then demand money or other demands from their victims in exchange for deleting or not publishing these images.

Here’s what people exposed to intimate image blackmail should do:

– Not to give in to the blackmailer’s demands and never give money or any other benefit. Fulfilling the blackmailer’s demands doesn’t solve the problem, it just makes him make more demands.
– Hiding the blackmailer’s contact information and sending messages, images or videos and using them as evidence.
– Applying to the prosecutor’s office or the police as soon as possible and making a complaint. In the complaint petition, it is important to explain the incident in detail and present the evidence.
– Getting psychological support and trying to overcome the trauma. Intimate image blackmail damages victims’ dignity, dignity, and self-confidence. Therefore, victims should not feel guilty or ashamed. It is the blackmailers who are the perpetrators of the crime and they must be punished.

Intimate image blackmail is a serious crime and victims must take legal action to protect their rights.


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The crime of blackmail is a serious crime that disrupts the law and peace of both Turkey and foreigners. The blackmail crime committed by Turkish citizens against foreigners harms both Turkey’s image and the trust of foreigners. Therefore, both foreigners and Turkish authorities should cooperate in order to prevent and punish the crime of blackmail.

Crimes committed by Turkish citizens against foreigners are an important problem both in Turkey and in the world. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to establish and operate an effective and fair legal system at both international and national level. In addition, education, awareness-raising and dialogue studies should be carried out in order to change the attitudes and behaviors of Turkish citizens towards foreigners.

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